What's Colloidal Silver Used For?
What does Colloidal Silver do?
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Silver in our our bodies?
We get silver and all minerals in our our bodies by way of the meals we eat. This comes immediately from natural soil.silverlungs.com This soil is wealthy in residing organisms. These organisms break down the soil so plants are offered minerals in a type assimilable to the plant. Therefore, we get silver naturally from the minerals current in organically grown plants. If we eat plants which were grown on chemical fertilizers, as most plants are grown at this time; with out residing organisms within the soil to assist present nutrition to the plant, we don't get the amount of vitamins and minerals which can be found in organically grown foods. Thus deficiencies develop. As we age our skill to assimilate silver decreases. We develop a silver deficiency and an impaired immune system that may result in most cancers and different diseases. Dr. Robert Becker seen a correlation between low silver ranges and sickness. Individuals who had low ranges of silver have been steadily sick, had innumerable colds, flu, fevers and different sicknesses. He believed a silver deficiency was the rationale for the improper functioning of the immune system. He discovered that silver works on a variety of micro organism with none unwanted side effects or harm to the cells of the physique and might stimulate main development of injured tissues. Click on Right here to Return to Colloidal Silver Web page
Why Silver?
Silver has benefited mankind's well being for hundreds of years. In historic Greece and Rome, individuals used silver containers to maintain liquids recent. American settlers touring throughout the West typically put a silver dollar within the milk to delay its spoiling. Across the flip of the century, medical doctors prescribed silver nitrate for stomach ulcers and it has been widespread follow to place a number of drops of a silver resolution within the eyes of a newborn child to kill micro organism which may trigger blindness. A silver compound often known as silver sulfadiazine has been utilized in 70 per cent of the burn centres within the U.S. It helps cease the herpes virus. Notice: It's not the silver in dental fillings that's dangerous however the mercury which is a deadly poison. Click on Right here to Return to Colloidal Silver Web page
What's the historical past of Colloidal Silver?
It was extensively used 60 to 70 years in the past when, amongst different causes, the price turned prohibitive - about $a hundred per ounce in 1930 dollars. The faster, extra particular and quick appearing man-made antibiotics grew to become prevalent within the 1940s.silverlungs.com Top quality Colloidal Silver can now be produced a low price. Dr. Robert O. Becker says, "What we've truly carried out is rediscover the truth that silver kills micro organism which has been recognized for centuries. When antibiotics have been found, clinical makes use of for silver as an antibiotic had been discarded."

Dr. Henry Crooks discovered that silver is extremely germicidal, fairly harmless to people and completely nontoxic. From his bacteriological experiments with silver he concluded, "I do know of no microbe that's not killed in laboratory experiments in six minutes." Click on Right here to Return to Colloidal Silver Web page
What are the important thing traits?
Colloidal Silver is non-toxic, non-addictive and has no unwanted side effects. The physique develops no tolerance and one can not overdose.silverlungs.com Colloidal Silver can not trigger hurt to the liver, kidneys or every other organs within the physique. It's secure for pregnant and nursing ladies and even aids the creating fetus in progress and well being, in addition to easing the mom's supply and restoration. Colloidal Silver is odourless, tasteless, non-stinging, harmless to eyes, accommodates no free-radicals, is harmless to human enzymes and has no response with different medications. It improves digestion, aids within the regeneration of broken cells and tissues, helps forestall colds, flu and organism brought on diseases. Click on Right here to purchase Colloidal Silver
Has it been medically examined?
Sure! Colloidal Silver has been efficiently examined on the UCLA Medical Labs the place it killed each virus on which it was examined. Click on Right here to purchase Colloidal Silver
What does the FDA say?
In accordance with the FDA, Colloidal Silver might proceed to be marketed and used because it was initially supposed. Colloidal Silver exceeds FDA acknowledged requirements (Sep. Thirteen, 1991 letter written by Client Security Officer, Harold Davies, U.S. Meals and Drug Admin.) FDA has no jurisdiction concerning a pure, mineral component. Click on Right here to purchase Colloidal Silver
What about Colloidal Silver for AIDS?
Since in lively aids, the suppressed immune system of the physique is open to all sorts of illness, Colloidal Silver is the right non-toxic medication to make use of for its large spectrum antibiotic impact. A researcher at Brigham Younger College despatched Colloidal Silver to 2 completely different labs together with UCLA Medical Centre, and reported "It not solely killed the HIV virus however each virus that was examined within the labs". In accordance with FDA guidelines, Colloidal Silver can't be used for treating the HIV virus, however it may very well be used as an antibiotic for all acquired diseases of lively AIDS. Click on Right here to purchase Colloidal Silver
What different makes use of are there for Colloidal Silver?
Assessments show, as a result of excessive absorption of silver within the small intestine, the pleasant micro organism in the big intestine usually are not affected.silverlungs.com All bacterial, viral and fungal organisms are killed inside 6 minutes of contact. Larger silver content material within the physique causes sooner and extra frequent contact with these organisms. No illness inflicting organism can dwell within the presence of straightforward silver. The next is a partial listing of the greater than 650 diseases that Colloidal Silver has been efficiently used towards.

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